Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to the blog!!

Like most of you girls, I like things.
I like good food.
I like good deals.
And I like having fun.

So, let's help each other out.

My goal for this blog is to have it be a way that we can share our knowledge.
If you find a great sale, post it!
If you eat at an incredible restaurant, post it!
If you find a super fun place to take the kids, post it!

Since we are all (most of us, at least) relatively new to the Des Moines area, I think this could be a great way to share our knowledge!

Watch out, Iowa.
Here we come.


  1. Love it Love it Love it!!! What a great idea- I always hear about fun ideas but forget them after awhile. This will be such a great resource. Thanks Ash, your awesome!!

  2. Brilliant, Ashley! This is perfect. Thanks for having a great idea, and then actually putting it into action! I'm excited...

  3. You are amazing, i'm very excited to hear about all the new places to eat and play and visit, Thanks you are awesome!!