Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun, when it's warm outside

A great place to go, when it is warm outside, is Gray's lake. It's fun during the day, but even more fun when it's dark out because they turn some fun colored lights on over the bridge. It is great for a nice stroll with just you and your husband, or a great place to take the whole family too. It is also a nice way to get some exercise in without even realizing it. Once around is right about two miles, but you don't even realize it. Gray's Lake is located at 2101 Fleur Drive which is pretty close to DMU (a little further east)

As for food, my husband's favorite (fast food) burger is at B-Bops. It is vary inexpensive, and delicious. The atmosphere is pretty fun too, but plan to go when it is nice out, or get it to go because they do not have indoor seating. There fries and shakes are really good too :) The one we go to is basically in the parking lot of Sam' Club/Walmart in Windsor Heights. That is the 8th St/73rd St. exit on 235.

I hope these help someone. I will try to think of some other places too and post them. :) Good luck!!!

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