Sunday, February 28, 2010

Incredible Pizza Company

If you have not heard about this place, you are missing out.
Incredible Pizza Company
is located in Urbandale.
It's an all-you-can-eat buffet (really good one!) for $5.99 (for lunch only 11-2pm) and kids 3 and under are free!!
Along with the food, they have:
-bumper cars
-arcade games
-miniature golf
-jungle gym
-and so much more!
I know I sound like a commercial right now, but this place is really, really fun - your kids will love it.
The atmosphere is 50's and there are several "themed-rooms" that you can choose to eat in.
Let me know if anyone wants to go soon, we would love to go with you!
(Thursdays are the best day to go because they double all the money you spend, so it's much cheaper...)


  1. Oooho! Oooh! Check out for a $25 gift certificate for only $2! We do this, invite another couple of friends, and all four of us eat for $17!!!

  2. This is going to be the destination for our next family date! Thanks Ashley