Saturday, May 15, 2010

A high class version of Maple Grove in the making!

So, as many know, we have had out share of problems with Maple Grove. We tried to find another place to live, I wanted out of here so badly. The only problem was that this was the nicest, biggest, cheapest place to live. Not anymore! We have a neighbor that is moving to Whisper Ridge Apartments. It is on the dirt road off of Ashworth close to the water park. It is opening in June. It is part of the equal housing opportunity, just like Maple Grove. They are brand new. Only problem I can see is that they are two-story apartments. I will say that if we were staying here we would be moving into these nice apartments. Prices almost the same, water is included, they even include a washer and dryer in each apartment. I just thought I would pass the word along, for the students who are thinking of transferring and don't want to pay there ridiculous transfer fee. Also for those of you who know students moving here. Now there is another option for us poor students!
Whisper Ridge Apartment Homes Apartments For Rent in West Des Moines, Iowa - Apartment Rental and Community Amenities -

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  1. Aww man I have a feeling our branch is about to get a lot smaller ;(