Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Machine Shed restaurant

We first heard about this restaurant from my nieces who claimed that on TV (in WA) they saw a restaurant near Des Moines with gigantic cinnamon rolls. We kind of blew it off at the time but then had heard from a few people that we needed to go and try this place out. The restaurant is called "The Machine Shed" and is located on Hickman Rd. right by the Living History Farms in Urbandale. We went for breakfast since my primary purpose was to try these famous cinnamon rolls I kept hearing about. The breakfast was great. The portions were quite large, but nothing compared to the gigantic cinnamon rolls. We are talking about probably 3 lbs worth of cinnamony ooey gooey goodness! If you go for breakfast go later because their cinnamon rolls are half off after 11am (only $1.50) or you could always just get a cinnamon roll to go after this time. Also while you are ordering your breakfast if you say the phrase, "AND I LOVE EGGS" they will add an extra egg to your meal for free.

(Sorry pic is blurry, taken with my phone, but you can see how big the cinnamon rolls are compared to Hallie)

Overall it was just a fun little place to visit. It kind of had a "Cracker Barrel" country restaurant feel to it, nothing fancy. We thought it was fun. Not sure how their lunch and dinner are but we did get to see a sneak peak of their salad bar and a few entrees as we were leaving that looked delicious! We will definitely be going back!

Click on the BOLDED words above for more information and for their menus.

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