Monday, April 12, 2010

Iowa Pet Foods and Aquatics

If you are like me... you may spend quite a bit of your time at Michaels craft store.In my case, even the shortest trip is pure torture for my husband and/or child. I was very happy when I found this little gem a few stores down in the strip mall- Iowa Pet Foods and Aquatics. May look a little ghetto on the outside but it is quite the pet store. They have everything you need to bribe reward your child for enduring a Michaels trip.
In the store you will find:
Tons of fish!! All sizes
A shark
Sting rays
3 tropical birds which will talk to your kids
guinea pigs
and probably a couple more.. its seems like I see a new creature each time I go
all it's missing is a tiger and a few monkeys

We have really enjoyed going here, especially during the winter when the zoo wasn't an option!! So go check it out... or have your husband check it out with your kids while you enjoy Michaels in peace.


  1. This is pure inspiration Chelsea. Reason #1: I was planning on going to Michael's today. Reason #2: Our favorite pet store went out of business and I need a new one! Yea, thanks so much - this is perfect!!

  2. Oh awesome! I used to take Hallie to that petstore by TJMAXX until it closed now I have been taking her to petco just to see the birds and fish. I am so excited you found this, because I will for sure be making a trip there soon! Thanks!