Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun thins to do in Iowa!

So what's everyone doing for Spring Break next week?! If you don't have any ideas, or don't want to go to far, I came across an awesome website that has around 40 fun things to do all around the state of Iowa! My husband and I have decided we want to do as many of these off the list as we can so we really enjoy Iowa while we are here!!

Things like:

The Putnam Museum and Imax theatre-

It has all sorts of science and history exhibits, along with the Imax theatre! Right now they have a Titanic exhibit and a Native American exhibit along with all their other permanent ones like space, mammals, ancient Egypt and the ocean. Adults are $7 and kids are $5. It's located in Davenport, just a couple hours away!

Crystal Lake Cave---

Did you know there's a cool cave you can go tour only a couple hours away as well? This one is located outside of Dubuque. It doesn't open till May but you can be sure that we will be visiting this in the summer! Prices are listed on the website.

National Mississippi River and Aquarium---

This is the spot we are visiting this weekend. It is in Dubuque as well. It has a 3D as well as a 4D(!!) theater! 4D theaters are my favorite!! There's hands on activities where you can touch and feel different creatures in the water, as well and four big salt water aquariums with all sorts of living things! Adults are $15.00, children are $10.00 and the movies are $6.00. SO WORTH IT for a 4D experience!!

Insect Zoo---

This is located in Ames and I'm sure is a great place for kids who love bugs!! There is more info on their website!

Some other things that sound fun are National Farm Toy museum in Dyersville, Iowa Aviation museum in Greenfield, Railwest Railroad museum in Council Bluffs, Guthrie County Historical Village in Panora and Herbert Hoover Historic site in West Branch.

So many fun things to choose from! Here's the website:

Maybe pick a couple to start off with and see how many you can do! Have a great spring break everyone! I'll let you know how the Mississippi Aquarium is!!

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