Friday, October 29, 2010



Mills Civic Parkway West Des Moines (shopping complex that TJ Maxx is in)

I am a fan of Trader Joes and have been to a few of them across the USA. I have been so excited for them to come to West Des Moines ever since they announced it a year ago. I know a lot of you have never been there and don't know what all the fuss is about in getting one. So I thought I would explain a little. If you want to go to their direct website click here. They have such fun foods that you can't get anywhere else. They are also super CHEAP!!!! I wasn't sure if they took EBT but I have heard they do, so there is no reason to not check it out. I recently did a poll on facebook to ask my friends what their favorite items are that they sell. Here are some of the items people suggested;

*Savory crackers

* white cheddar puffs

*honey wheat pretzel sticks

*sweet potato soup

*pomegranite or blueberry sorbet

*mandarin chicken jasmine rice
*lemon pepper pappardalle pasta
*cilantro salad dressing
and I can't leave my faves out,
the creamy garlic ranch dressing and the balsamic vinegarette.
They also have gorgeous fresh flowers that are very cheap and cheap greeting cards. I hope you guys all go and check it out! You will probably see me there ;)

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  1. I drove by there today, and I was totally planning on posting this! :) Thanks for saving me the effort Cassie!