Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The YMCA, the Divas, and the Junction.

Hey everyone! I just thought I would give you all a "head's up" about the YMCA.
The registration for all their fall classes (swimming lessons, gymnastics, cooking classes, fun with music, etc.) opens TOMORROW!! (Wednesday)
Those classes fill up fast, so if you want in - get on it!!

Also, the blog Dating Divas (that we talked about at the fireside for those of you who attended) is awesome. Having regular scheduled date nights while in Med School is a must. This blog has some awesome ideas to spice things up a little.

One more thing. When we first moved here (2 years ago) I heard people throwing around the term "Valley Junction" a lot. It took me a few months to learn what it was, so I thought I would help you newcomers out. Valley Junction is a little street in West Des Moines that has some historic shops, an old train car, and is commonly the site for farmer's markets, and various celebrations. It is also where one of the Human Service's Building is located. (Hint, hint.) They have a little candy shop/bakery that my kids like, a toy story that's pretty awesome, and some vintage antique/collectibles shops.
It's worth visiting once or twice.

That's all I got.

Don't forget about all the fun and excitement going on this weekend!
(Check the post below if you are confused...)

Now go have some fun!!

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