Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids Eat Free Tuesdays!

Brady, Mylee, and I can literally eat...A LOT... for $10.35 on Tuesdays at FUDDRUCKERS. (Of course, we always opt to make our burger a Swiss Melt and change our drink to a Cookies and Cream shake for an additional $3. Worth it.)

On Tuesdays from 5-9 you get a free kids meal with every meal you purchase. We get the 2/3 pd. hamburger meal to share and Mylee gets her choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dog, grilled cheese, mac & cheese, OR chicken strip kids meal, which also comes with fries, apple wedges, fruit cup, bbq beans, OR coleslaw, AND a drink, AND a cookie.

If you're not a big hamburger fan they also have chicken, fish, and salads.
They have a fresh produce bar that I love.
And an awesome bakery that tempts me every time we walk out. Who doesn't love fresh cookies and brownies?

It's a really relaxed atmosphere, it's great for families, and I'm always more than satisfied with our meal.

See you there next Tuesday!


  1. wow i didn't know they had a kids eat free night, we are totally there next tuesday!!